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Why It’s Good Not To Be Normal


A cherished friend once told me, “Kara, normal is boring.

Don’t ever be normal.”


Well, I never claimed to be “normal” but I didn’t know that it was actually a good thing until now.


I’m back in St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands, my former island home, where my dreams of living and sailing in the Caribbean came true.


It was also here that I met people from all over the world, learned how to step outside of my comfort zone, and started a journey of spirituality and self discovery.


When I left the island 3 years ago, I had no idea what was ahead for me.  All I knew was that I needed to spread my wings, explore the world, and eventually try entrepreneurship.


That led me to an extraordinary 6 months travel in Costa Rica and Asia,  a brief stay in Singapore which sparked the initial steps of starting my own business, and an eventual return to the United States where new dreams of sharing with others knowledge about how to turn dreams to reality has come to fruition.


Over the 3 years, I often felt the pull to return to St. Croix.  Sometimes I recognized it as comfort.  It was comfortable having a steady paycheck, a warm, tropical climate and being surrounded by wonderful friends and family.


But now the timing was right to finally return to St. Croix.  The island that once taught me and provided a space for me to grow has invited me back to do the same for others.  Because I chose to live outside the norm and my comfort zone, I now have more knowledge, experiences, lessons and healing work to share here.


So please. . .Don’t Be Normal! Normal Is Boring!


Follow that burning desire deep within you. Follow your passion; listen to your own intuition and inner guiding spirit.  You and ONLY YOU know what your path is so TRUST, HAVE FAITH, BELIEVE in yourself and that life will guide and support you.


Be extraordinary and  live outside the box! When you do, not only do you create a life you love but also you allow space for others to do the same and together we can create a world of joy, peace, light, and love.

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Kara Pomicter