Hi, I’m Kara

DSC00968Thank you for being here! I’m so grateful and joyful that you are interested in transforming your life and dreams!

I’m a Reiki Master/Teacher, Wellness Advocate, Travel Junkie and Transformational Coach who’s passionate about empowering you to overcome your fears, limiting beliefs, and worries so you can freely and confidently move in the direction of your personal dreams!

I believe dreams come in all shapes and sizes. Some dreams include summiting mountain peaks, sailing in crystal blue waters, or crossing the finish line of a marathon.  Other desires entail loosing weight, writing a book, entrepreneurship, or simply being positive and happy.

What dreams do you have deep inside of you?

Do you lie in bed at night looking at travel websites, magazines, and books saying, “I want to sink my toes into an exotic white sand beach or wander around an ancient city.”?  Perhaps you visualize yourself moving across the country into your dream home or admiring the healthy body you’ve created while looking in the mirror.

Whatever your dream is, I know it’s possible!!

How do I know?

Because I’ve been where you are. . .in a space of fear, worry, doubt, and insecurity.

People now often comment on my patience and positivity but I wasn’t always zen!

Before my transformation, I had alot of anger, low self esteem and negative thoughts.  My “normal” life of office work, marriage, and homeownership left me unfulfilled and longing to escape, knowing there was so much more to experience in the world.  Yet, fears of change and the unknown kept me stuck in unhappiness and prevented me from experiencing freedom, authentic joy, and my dreams.

But guess what??

With the support and guidance of wonderful teachers, mentors, and tools, I shifted my thoughts, energy, and mindset, slowly overcame my fears, gained confidence, and turned my dreams into reality!

Now, I feel successful and grateful having accomplished my goals. And better yet, I feel free and empowered to step outside my comfort zone, try new things, and achieve any new dream that enters my imagination!

I believe there is a deep well of dreams within you.  I believe there is enough abundance, opportunity, and time for you to experience those dreams! And I know that you can face your fears, realize your dreams, and transform your life!

This is why I’m passionate about supporting you on your dream journey!!

My Journey

Professionally, my story began as a certified athletic trainer and personal trainer who focused only on the physical aspect of my client’s health. Gradually, I met various holistic healthcare professionals and became passionate about treating the body holistically with tools such as nutrition, stress management, Reiki energy, essential oils, crystals, positive affirmations, and meditation.  Now, I use all of these wellness tools to empower people all over the world to live empowered, balanced lifestyles.

Personally, travel and world exploration were a constant on my mind in my 20’s, 14but I was trapped in a suburban American lifestyle by fears and insecurities. I had deep desires to learn about different cultures, visit remote places, and somehow serve those in undeveloped parts of the world, yet I worried about money, vacation time, what other people would think, and not knowing how to get around in a country whose language was foreign to me.

In fact, I allowed my first opportunity to live and work in the Caribbean pass me by because “it is not the right time”.  I longed to watch sea life in its natural habitat but was fearful swimming close to reefs so I sat on the boat or shore while friends snorkeled. I enjoyed trekking in nature but would not participate in camping adventures because I was uncomfortable sleeping outside overnight.

Eventually, there came a time when my professional and personal journeys merged, and I began using holistic healing and goal setting techniques in my own life.  This started my gradual transformation from fear to freedom.  I was on my own healing journey, developing self-confidence, stepping outside of my comfort zone, and turning my dreams into reality!

Now I can tell you stories about life in the Caribbean, sailing for days withoutIMG_4940 seeing land, and my volcano trek in Indonesia. I can also proudly say that panic is no longer an issue when snorkeling breathtaking ocean reefs and that I participated in building a house in Capetown, South Africa.

It has been a 10 year journey for me to reach this place of confidence, freedom and adventure.  It was not necessarily an easy process, but it was definitely worth it because now I have all the tools and experiences to achieve brand new dreams!

And because you don’t have to wait 10 years to realize your dreams!

Since one of my desires is to see your dreams come true, I’ve condensed all of my professional and personal knowledge into programs that will help you fast track through the fear and procrastination, discover newfound confidence and knowledge, and make your dreams happen now!

 My Professional Bio

biz picKara is a Reiki Master Teacher, energy healer, transformational coach, certified athletic trainer, and reformed armchair traveler who has worked through injuries, fears, and insecurities to achieve her dreams of living in the Caribbean, sailing on a catamaran, and traveling the world. Inspired by her own experiences and professional background, she now passionately supports others on their fear releasing journeys so they feel free and confident to turn their personal dreams into reality.

In her free time, you will find Kara strolling on a beach, gazing out at the sea from the bow of a sailboat, dancing, reading, laughing with friends, and experiencing new travel adventures of her own.