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  • How to Overcome Our #1 Fear


    I’ve recently delved into the Secrets of the Ancient course which is a self-study from The Sacred Science. The course is packed with ancient healing wisdom from a variety of indigenous elders and healers, enthnobotanists and scientists.   One of the bonuses was an interview with Don Miguel Ruiz which led me to revisit his Read the full article…

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  • Tools to Help Heal the Heart

      Yes, spring is in the air with the scent of floral blooms, April showers, and a fresh newness that comes this time of year. After the slower pace and darkness of winter, I’m so ready for this time of renewal!   Are you? Did you spring clean? Did you clear the clutter from your house, Read the full article…

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  • Travel in the USVI Like a Local

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    I loved life in the Caribbean. It was filled with tropical warn wetaher, white sandy beaches, realzing days with friends, sunshine, meeting jpeople from all of the counry and world.   It was at ime where I learned to study myself, go innerward, look at what I wanted in life, what my purponse in life Read the full article…

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  • How to Uplevel Your Comfort Zone


      Fear keeps us comfortable. We feel safe surrounded by what we know so it’s easy to give in and stay in a zone that creates low, stuck energy.   Unplanned travel use to be very uncomfortable for me!  When I first started traveling, every detail had to be planned, and yet I still stressed Read the full article…

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  • Release Those Low Vibes & Regain Your Flow

      Yeah! You’ve made the decision!   You’re going to take that once in a lifetime trip, start training for your first roadrace or actively fill your days with gratitude and joy. You feel confident that the Universe is on your side and you will achieve your goals!   As you take steps towards your Read the full article…

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  • 7 Reasons Why It’s Important to Travel


    Summer is approaching which means prime travel time!   I know you’re dreaming about lying on an exotic white sand beach or camping beside a crystal mountain lake.  Or maybe you’re wandering through the cobblestone streets of a historic foreign city that transports you back in time.   But are you like many people who’ve Read the full article…

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  • Releasing Fears with Awareness & Acceptance

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    I recently participated in an awareness training with my mentor and friend, Molly Knight Forde.  What an eye and mind opening experience!!   I’ve seen first hand how we overly judge, analyze, and try to explain our actions, reactions, and emotions instead of simply observing and accepting our present state of being. I’ve also come to realize how much our judgements, attachments, and over Read the full article…

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  • Travel Lodging for Less


      Lodging is often the most important part of travel success in regards to comfort, location, and trip cost.   Ideally you want to find a vacation rental that 1) immediately invokes calm, relaxed, and comfortable feelings when you walk through the door, 2) is easily accessible to your to must do’s activities be it Read the full article…

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  • Learn to Live Outside Your Comfort Zone


      Dreams are achieved by taking necessary actionable steps, being open to guidance and life’s divine flow, and living outside your comfort zone.   I never wanted to be a teacher and dreaded public speaking.  Then during my recent trip to the US Virgin Islands, I presented 5 workshops that I willingly planned myself.   After one of the classes, an attendee and close Read the full article…

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  • Why It’s Good Not To Be Normal


    A cherished friend once told me, “Kara, normal is boring. Don’t ever be normal.”   Well, I never claimed to be “normal” but I didn’t know that it was actually a good thing until now.   I’m back in St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands, my former island home, where my dreams of living Read the full article…

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