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  • Witnessing Life’s Full Circles

    I dreaded giving speeches in school!    I remember in 5th grade sitting in the back of the room, sinking so low in the chair, and praying that the teacher would forget to call on me. I just knew it was the end of the world if I had to get up in front of the class and speak!   Read the full article…

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  • How Travel Expands Your Neighborhood

      These are the people in your neighborhood. . .   This Sesame Street tune popped into my head recently when I was flying from Philadelphia, PA back to Myrtle Beach, SC. I was returning from a visit with family and friends in Pennsylvania and Delaware, and even though I had not seen some of Read the full article…

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  • Turn your Resolutions into SMART Goals


    Do you make resolutions every year that slowly dissolve away like a winter’s snow?  Are those New Year’s goals only thoughts in your mind that you never put into action? Are you finally ready to realize your grand dream?   Then why not try something different this year! Instead of simply wishing a resolution into thin air, follow these Read the full article…

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  • Key Lessons I Learned From Traveling


      I love to travel!!  I believe travel is possible, affordable, life changing, and something everyone should do at some point in life.   Travel challenges us to step outside our comfort zones, encourages personal development, and builds confidence. It also teaches us to be more compassionate and understanding of our global neighbors because despite our vast differences, Read the full article…

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  • How to Feel Fear and Do It Anyway


    We’ve all felt fear and have a fear based story to share.  These fears come in many different forms such as I’m not good enough, fear of heights or flying, it’s not safe to travel or to be on my own, I could get hurt, I don’t have enough money. The list goes on and on.   One of my Read the full article…

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  • Gratitude. . .Simple but Powerful!


    When we focus on fear, it becomes our reality. We choose to believe in fears such as the world is not safe, I can’t be alone, I don’t have enough money, and I’m not good enough. The list goes on and on. . .   Guess what? As Gabrielle Bernstein says in her book May Cause Miracles, Read the full article…

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  • The world needs you to choose love


    Fear is really nothing and love is everything. Whenever light enters darkness, the darkness is abolished. – A Course In Miracles   It’s been another challenging and interesting week in the world.   There’s been innocent lives lost due to terroistic action, new fears placed on many hearts, and an entire religion under criticism for the Read the full article…

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  • Is your money & paperwork travel ready?


    For those of you who make an organizational mess out of travel preparation, I’m here to help! It’s fun and easy for me (I’m an organizational queen!) so I often take for granted that it’s information people simply don’t know.   In fact, it wasn’t until my friend’s bag was stolen from our Costa Rican rental car that I realized Read the full article…

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  • Recognize Your Dream Type


    Dreams come in all shapes and sizes.   Some dreams are big lightbulb or ah ha moments that aren’t realized until life presents an opportunity to pursue that dream.    This is how I came to live and sail in the Caribbean.  During my first British Virgin Islands trip, the thought “I want to live in the Caribbean and learn how to sail” Read the full article…

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  • My top 3 fear management tools

    When we learn to manage our fears, we become more balanced, focused, and empowered which makes overcoming obstacles, accomplishing goals, and reaching dreams easy.   Yet, there are times, we descend back into that space of fear, worry, and stress.  In those moments, a jumpstart that will return us to calmness and positivity is necessary.   Here are 3 of my Read the full article…

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