Client Reviews

I’m so thankful for these lovely notes of gratitude and honored to support all dreamers and those searching for the light within themselves.


I cannot say enough about my experiences with Kara and the magnitude of impact she has had on my life. She has been an amazing healer, transformation guide and travel companion. She has blessed me with several treatments including a highly recommended aroma touch session, unbelievable angel card readings, distance healing reiki sessions and guidance on crystal and oil usage. Each and every session and exchange with Kara has manifested the precise piece of inspiration needed to transform and expand my soul in the direction of my higher purpose. Her connection to herself, the universe and my spirit has created an environment of safety, healing and growth that far exceeded any expectations I may have held. It is her unique ability to connect with your spirit and soul that makes her the incredible conduit she is for amazing life transformations. -C. Cooke

Kara helped me through a very difficult point in my new career as a Realtor. I was struggling with disappointment, self-doubt and a significant fear of failure. She recommended that I try a distance Reiki session to help to resolve these feelings. Following my first session with Kara, she explained to me where my energy was blocked and how to release it. She gave me advice on affirmations, meditations and essential oils to use to continue to release my blocked energy. She told me to surround myself with the color yellow and when I got in my car and turned on my music the song “Yellow” by Coldplay came on! It was definitely a sign that Kara was spot on with her recommendations to me. Not long after my sessions with her, I landed the largest sale of my career. I am so thankful for Kara’s knowledge, healing power and kind soul. I would highly recommend her services to anyone! -Morgan Bertram Realtor® Realty Executives Access

My distant healing with Kara was a strong experience  of the power of Reiki! As a Reiki practitioner myself, it has magnified my excitement & confidence in sharing this beautiful gift with others!Immediately I felt heat in my solar plexus which continued throughout our session and extended to warm my torso. I felt cozy, like I was wrapped in a blanket of love and could feel tingles of energy in various places of my body during the healing. I also could feel physical and emotional shifts/releases occurring.I felt nurtured, relaxed and serene thanks to my session with Kara and I would highly recommend you treat yourself to a Healing with her! ” – Ali Nelson

I’d been suffering from a horrible respiratory illness that went into bronchitis and couldn’t get any relief from the coughing.  During Kara’s distance Reiki session, the coughing and throat discomfort subsided, and I was reminded that I am worthy and need to speak my truth. As soon as I started speaking my truth, the illness began to dissipate.  Kara is a powerful healer and I highly recommend her! I will be doing another Reiki session with her in the near future.” ∼Jen Kanipe, Intuitive Consultant and Self-Empowerment& Technical Coach 

I highly recommend working with Kara.  I’d been drawn to Reiki healing before but did not pursue it.  Energy healing is extremely personal and puts us in a vulnerable position so the ability to connect with and trust the practitioner is paramount.  Kara’s soothing energy immediately made me felt comfortable and we quickly built a rapport. I felt that I could open up and share my fears, dreams, and doubts with Kara and be received without judgement.   She works with you, goes at your own pace, and truly listens.  I felt much more open and unblocked for a few days following my first session so I am excited to continue on this journey of release. ” ~Loni McGackin, St. Croix, USVI

My first Reiki experience with Kara was the day before my wedding! Weddings have the tendency to bring high levels of intense energy and it’s often necessary to deal with a variety of characters, which can be draining if you are not centered and clear.  I’m so grateful we took the time for a session as I feel it helped me tremendously!  It helped me stay relaxed, focused and grounded so that I was able to really enjoy our big day and stay focused on what our nuptials were truly about. Interestingly, it was also one of the hottest days of the year and I was literally (and figuratively) able to keep my cool the entire day during a St. Croix garden wedding in June!

More recently, Kara visited St. Croix to share her gifts and knowledge through classes and private sessions! I took advantage of both! Her classes are informative, casual and interactive. She shares her personal story regarding how she became involved with Reiki and what inspired her to become a practitioner. Just being around Kara fills you with light and effervescent energy and excitement for life.

During our Reiki second session, I didn’t have any particular concerns or complaints that needed to be addressed, but Kara was still able to pick up on a block in my heart chakra. I am normally pretty balanced and aware of my emotions, but I was dealing with a family dilemma that had yet to be resolved, and she clearly picked up on that. After our session, she provided some visualizations and exercises to help me work through this block.

Regardless if you think you have an issue that needs to be addressed or not, I would strongly recommend seeking a session with Kara! She has artfully blended the gift of Reiki with practical applications of releasing fears and energy blocks and supporting these efforts with the use of essential oils! In the highly stimulated and overstressed world we live in, just giving yourself (or somebody you love) the gift of relaxation will be rewarding and fulfilling!

With Love and Light  ∼Amanda Doering, DC at Beeston Hill Rehabiliation Center, St. Croix, USVI

 Kara helped me pinpoint my greatest challenges and provided me with insight towards my efforts to accomplish my dreams. She helped me set my priorities straight and was instrumental in helping me put together a step-by-step plan to help me get unstuck in certain areas of my life.  Kara’s positive spirit and insightful knowledge has lightened up my life with a clear direction! I am forever grateful for you, Kara!  ∼Lindsey McLaughlin

My mind, body and spirit want to say a BIG THANK YOU for my Reiki session! I knew something was off in inside my body and I needed to clear my mind, refocus and accelerate my body’s self-healing ability! The Reiki energy provided me with relaxation while increasing my energy levels! I can’t wait for another session with Kara!! ∼ Lydia M.

I was super excited to work with Kara because I’ve witnessed and admire her fearlessness and go-get-em, take on life. I believed that she could help me release some of my fears and fully chase my dreams. She assisted in organizing my thoughts and deciphering what’s important to me. I’ve stopped worrying about failing because she helped me see that it’s more important to live out my dreams than to worry about failing or what others may think. I think the Reiki healing session, combined with the coaching and meditation makes for a well-rounded healing, refreshing session that left me feeling more spacious, clear and confident to move in the direction of my dreams. It has been a beautiful, helpful experience!  ∼ Stevie G.

“I had Reiki energy healing with Kara, and it has helped me tremendously by relieving my stress, anxiety, and worries. It also helps relax my mind & body by releasing all tension that I have. Before the session, I would feel uptight, stressed, fatigued and somewhat anxious, but afterwards, all of those things feelings dissipated, and I felt more at ease and relaxed. Kara is a very kind, loving, caring & compassionate person & friend who I would highly recommend. Her natural healing abilities are best by far.” ∼Michelle T.

It’s just great to have amazing people like Kara give you good solid advice that truly comes from the heart. She helped me look at things from a different light and perspective, and it is greatly appreciated. ∼Wilbert S.

“When I met Kara, I had experienced Reiki before, but never remotely. The experience with Kara was so expansive and incredibly effective at releasing blocks and reducing my level of fear to move forward. Thank you for your healing touch, your positive energy, and your loving compassion. I highly recommend allowing Kara to help you on your path. Much love ∼Gina C.”