Realizing Dreams Program

I know you! You sit with your head in the clouds and imagine traveling to remote places, moving across the country into your dream home, pursuing your ideal career, or finally creating that body transformation you envision every time you look in the mirror. Excitement flows through you when you think about how great it would feel to actually experience those visions and accomplish those dreams.

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But then. . .Dun Dun Duuuun. . .Fear, Doubt, and Worry creep in.

You worry about the financial commitment and taking time off work.
You tell yourself “I don’t know where to start my body transformation”.
You fear failing to reach the mountain top or finishing the marathon.

You desire to get out the armchair and go chase your dreams, but you allow doubt, worry, and insecurities to keep you cemented exactly where you are.

Guess what? You can now put all those fears behind you!

I’m here to tell you that overcoming your fears, finding
self-confidence, feeling empowered, and realizing your dream is possible!

How do I know this to be true? Because I’m living proof!

10 years ago, I lived with these same fears, worries, and doubts. While travel and dreams of living abroad were consistently on my mind, I only experienced those dreams through other people’s stories in travel magazines and books.IMG_2773

Today, I can tell you endless tales from my own fear releasing journey that’s led me to living and sailing in the Caribbean, mission work in Africa, snorkeling without panic, backpacking solo in a foreign country, a more positive, peaceful mind, running my first half- marathon, and creating my own business.

Now one of my passions is to help you accomplish your dreams too which is why I created my Realizing Dreams Program!

I want you to have all of the knowledge, tools, support and guidance that would have been tremendously beneficial to me at the very beginning of my fear to freedom transformation so you can confidently realize your dreams NOW!!

Ready to say goodbye to the fears, old stories, and limiting beliefs?
Then click here to tell me about your dream and let’s get started!

“Kara helped me pinpoint my greatest challenges and provided me with insight towards my efforts to accomplish my dreams. She helped me set my priorities straight, and was instrumental in helping me put together a step-by-step plan to help me get unstuck in certain areas of my life. Kara’s positive spirit and insightful knowledge has lightened up my life with a clear direction! I am forever grateful for you, Kara!” – Lindsey M.

The Realizing Dream Package is personalized to your needs and includes:
– Reiki energy healing sessions to balance your energy and clear away blocks
– guided meditations to clearly identify and release your fears and dreams
– intuitive coaching that will shift your mindset from fear to confidence
– how to use specific tools to support your fear releasing process
– support from a mentor who’s transformed her fears and dreams
– self-management strategies and steps to create organization, confidence, and the know-how to pursue your dream

The Realizing Dream Package comes in two sizes to fit your personal needs. You can choose from a 2 1/2 hour Intensive to get a jump start on your dream or a 12 week Deep Dive that provides you with more in depth guidance, healing, and accountability.

Ready to stop the excuses, face your fears, and achieve your dreams?

Then connect with me for a 30 minute complimentary Dream Discovery Call! We’ll chat to see which program size fits you best and answer any questions you may have.  I’m ready and grateful for the opportunity to support you on this journey.


I was super excited to work with Kara because I’ve witnessed and admire her fearlessness and go-get-em, take on life.  I believed that she could help me release some of my fears and fully chase my dreams. She assisted in organizing my thoughts and deciphering what’s important to me. I’ve stopped worrying about failing because she helped me see that it’s more important to live out my dreams than to worry about failing or what others may think. I think the Reiki healing session, combined with the coaching and meditation makes for a well-rounded healing, refreshing session that left me feeling more spacious, clear and confident to move in the direction of my dreams. It has been a beautiful, helpful experience!  -Stevie G.

Not ready to dive deep into your fears yet? Or maybe you’re already have the knowledge and tools and simply need some energy healing to relax, balance, and focus your mind, body and spirit.

Then my Reiki Energy Healing package is for you!

Hop on over to my Reiki Energy Healing page to find out exactly what Reiki is and how it can help you on your releasing fear realizing dream journey.