Essential Oils

Have you ever felt uplifted after smelling a rose, relaxed after inhaling the scent of lavender, or fresh and energized after biting into a peppermint leaf?

Then you’ve experienced the aromatic and physical qualities of essential oils!

dis_lavender_1Essential oils are highly concentrated, naturally occurring aromatic compounds that are extracted from all different plant parts.  They give a plant aroma and protection, assist in pollination, and can be used aromatically, topically, and internally at times.  Since pure essential oils are often more concentrated than many of today’s food sources, they are powerful dietary supplements that support wellness.

When a friend gave me an oil blend to use during my travels, my journey with essential oils began. She said the blend would support my immune system and it did!  I felt more energized and well throughout my travels.  I then began using lavender oil to soothe my skin after sun exposure and lemon oil in my water for daily internal cleansing.

benefits-of-peppermint-essential-oilNow I use essential oils daily for everything and absolutely love how they’ve helped my health holistically!  I use peppermint to soothe an upset stomach, lavender and frankincense to relax, and wild orange for an energizing lift.  I also use them to flavor my food, promote healthy looking skin, elevate my spirits, and counteract feelings of fear and anxiety.

Yes!! Essential oils can promote positive feelings and help you work through those fears keeping you from reaching your big dreams and goals!  

For example, wild orange assists with the idea that there’s not enough while myrrh supports feelings of the world is a safe place.

So whether your goal is to empower your family’s health or personally use holisitic products to counteract negative feelings that are keeping you from a big adventure, it’s possible with the help of essential oils!

Ready to find out how essential oils can benefit your wellness and dreams?
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Essential oils have truly empowered my physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness which is why I’m passionate about sharing their powerful benefits with you! I’m know they can help you reach your dreams, too!


Do you dream of financial security and having a freedom based lifestyle? Essential oils can help you achieve that goal too!

After years of using essential oils, I accepted a business opportunity and became an essential oil advocate.  Now, I teach people worldwide how to use essential oils to support their wellness and financial dreams. This opportunity has fullfilled my dreams of improving the world’s health and having the freedom to work and travel at the same time.

You can email me for more information on how to start building your own essential oil business today.

I’m ready and excited to empower your financial and lifestyle dreams with the use of essential oils!