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How to Uplevel Your Comfort Zone



Fear keeps us comfortable. We feel safe surrounded by what we know so it’s easy to give in and stay in a zone that creates low, stuck energy.


Unplanned travel use to be very uncomfortable for me!  When I first started traveling, every detail had to be planned, and yet I still stressed about the possibility of what could go wrong.  


Gradually, I gained confidence and reached higher comfort levels in regards to travel because I welcomed new experiences and practiced the very things that I feared. Now I can book a one-way plane ticket and not freak out if other details haven’t been planned.


You too can shift, advance and change your comfort zone but taking one thing you fear and working on  it.  I’m all about taking small steps to reach your goals so here are four to move from a place of fear to comfort.


  • Start where you are!  Release the need to compare yourself to others because it’s not about them. This is your journey so honor where you are in the present moment and move forward from there.

  • Take one small actionable step and practice it until it feels comfortable. Maybe that means taking day trips to a neighboring city by yourself or running one mile before you progress to two. Or maybe it means drinking water instead of soda to improve your physical energy and health.  Whatever feels uncomfortable to you, do that!

  • Repeat that action. Do it over and over until it becomes comfortable and easy for you.

  • Try a new challenge to continue to push yourself to a new comfort zone. Take an overnight trip to a city that requires a flight, push yourself to run two miles, or start substituting fruit for dessert instead of cookies and cakes.

    What’s one action step can you take today to uplevel your comfort zone? Please share in the comments below so I can support you!

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    Kara Pomicter