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Learn to Live Outside Your Comfort Zone



Dreams are achieved by taking necessary actionable steps, being open to guidance and life’s divine flow, and living outside your comfort zone.


I never wanted to be a teacher and dreaded public speaking.  Then during my recent trip to the US Virgin Islands, I presented 5 workshops that I willingly planned myself.


After one of the classes, an attendee and close friend said, “At some point I didn’t see you as Kara anymore. I saw you as a teacher.”


Woooh! Ok, I get it! I AM a teacher!


If that wasn’t enough of a sign, the Universe decided to make sure I completely understood that teaching is part of my path and purpose.  While on St. Croix, there was an abundant interest in Reiki energy healing and not only individual healing sessions.  I had many people ask me “When are you coming back to teach? We’d like to learn Reiki from you.”


I’ve always felt called to serve whether it was building a Habitat for Humanity house, working with church youth on mission projects, caring for elephants at a nature reserve, or simply helping a lost traveler find their way. But a teacher? I never imagined that as part of my work.


However, by moving outside my comfort zone, I allowed the Universe to guide me to the next perfect opportunity where I can best serve those who are ready to bring more healing, love, and light into their lives which once again turns my dreams in reality.


How can you step outside your comfort zone?


Let’s break it into 3 basic steps.

1) Think about one thing that you dislike or fear but that could help you reach your ultimate dream.

2) Meditate or journal on that dislike or fear for 10-15 minutes.

3) Write down 3 specific steps you can do that would step you into this fear and out of your comfort zone and then go do one of those steps.


I’d love to hear from you! Post a comment in the box below about one action you can take to step outside YOUR comfort zone.


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