Reiki Energy Healing

Do you have big travel dreams but aren’t ready to cross the threshold and start planning that once in a lifetime trip?

Do you know to achieve the body transformation you envision with proper exercise and nutrition but still hesitate from actually doing it?

That is OK!! Reiki Energy can help you! 

If the energy in our body is blocked or low, we are likely to feel fearful, stressed, sick, and stuck. If our energy flows through us freely, we feel calm, balanced, focused, and ready to take action in our lives.

That stuck, fearful feeling. . .yep, I know it.

I experienced this sensation while planning my Asian adventure. Even
though I had all the necessary travel information prepared, nervousness
and fear squeezed my heart into a vice and said “you don’t speak the
language” and “what if you get lost?”

Then, two months prior to my travel, Reiki came into my life!

Reiki is a holistic energy healing technique that works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. This Japanese word means universal life force energy  and can be administered by a hands on approach, hovering the hands over the body, or sending it from a distance.

For 21 days, I did self Reiki treatments and noticed a significant shift in my mindset.  I was more confident, peaceful, focused, and adaptable to the ups and downs of life.


Do you feel anxious, worried, stressed, or fearful on a daily basis?
Are there negative thoughts occupying valuable space in your mind?
Is your head full of unproductive chatter that stunts your big ideas?

Then let’s schedule your Reiki energy sessions today!

A series of Reiki energy sessions will:
*release energy blocks
*improve creativity
*promote natural balance between the mind, body and spirit
*create deep relaxation and help your body release stress and tension
*calm the mind, improve focus, and build confidence
*help spiritual growth and emotional cleansing
*aid in better sleep
*assist the body in cleansing itself from toxins
*support the immune system and support the body’s ability to heal

These 60 minute sessions will nurture your body, mind, and spirit and empower you to go for those dreams that are still sitting on your bucket list.

And the best part. . .these sessions can be done from a distance so you can receive the beautiful healing energy in the comfort of your own home.

What is there to lose except negativity, fears, tension, and your dreams?

Schedule a Discovery Call with me and we’ll discuss how Reiki energy sessions will leave you feeling confident, focused, and empowered to say “Yes! I’m ready to step into my dreams!”.


“I had Reiki energy healing with Kara, and it has helped me tremendously by relieving my stress, anxiety, and worries.  It also helps relax my mind & body by releasing all tension that I have. Before the session, I would feel uptight, stressed, fatigued and somewhat anxious, but afterwards, all of those things feelings dissipated, and I felt more at ease and relaxed.  Kara is a very kind, loving, caring & compassionate person & friend who I would highly recommend. Her natural healing abilities are best by far.” – Michelle T.

Reiki also assists in releasing stagnant energy which may be causing pain in the body. Physical pain happens for a reason.  If the cause is due to an energy blockage in the body, the blocked energy can manifest itself as physical pain.

ReikiFlowerFor instance, if we hold emotional energy such as fear in our kidneys, it can manifest as back pain.  If the energy flow around our heart is blocked, it can manifest as chest pain and pressure.  Stuck energy around our stomach can cause nausea or digestive issues.

Since Reiki entered my life, my physical body has been transformed. I have more energy, experience less chronic pain, and vice-like pressure that lived around my heart resolved.

Wouldn’t you like to help your body heal, calm your overworked mind, and feel more confident, focused and creative so you can finally plan that island vacation or mountain trek, train for that marathon, or create a healthy body?

I’d be honored to help you with this!


I can picture you now . . . lounging on that white sand beach, standing at the top of the mountain peak, entering your new home on the other side of the country, and crossing the finish line of your first race.

“My mind, body and spirit want to say a BIG THANK YOU for my Reiki session! I knew something was off  inside my body, and I needed to clear my mind, refocus and accelerate my body’s self-healing ability! The Reiki energy provided me with relaxation while increasing my energy levels! I can’t wait for another session with Kara!!” – Lydia M.