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Release Those Low Vibes & Regain Your Flow


Yeah! You’ve made the decision!


You’re going to take that once in a lifetime trip, start training for your first roadrace or actively fill your days with gratitude and joy. You feel confident that the Universe is on your side and you will achieve your goals!


As you take steps towards your intentions, everything is coming together smoothly. You get a great deal on flights, your morning runs are easy and energizing, or postive thoughts and joyful sensations fill your body and mind.


Then you hit a wall and that easy flow comes to an abrupt halt!


I can relate! It still happens to me!  I’ll be happy, grateful and enjoying new clients, money, and travel opportunitys flow into my life daily when suddenly something shifts and it all seems to stop. Unpleasent emotions sit inside me like heavy weights, and I have neck pain, nausea and low energy.


Thankfully I’m able to kick this stuck, low energy to the curb quickly and return to a natural state of flow quickly. And so can you by using my favorite low vibe releasing techniques! Try one or all to see what works best for you.


1) Call a friend who makes you laugh and lifts your spirits. Connecting with others especially those you know and support you can shift you back into a state of positivity, joy, and love.


2) Ask for help! Reach out to family and friends and ask them for prayers, to visualize you surrounded by white healing light, or energy healing. . .whatever resonates with you and corresponds with your beliefs.


3) Get up and move! Take a walk in nature. Dance to your favorite uplifting music. Go to a yoga class. Moving your body gets your energy flowing and releases happy endorphins.


4) Talk and listen to your emotions.  Sit quiety and ask whatever sensation you are experiencing “Why are you here?”, “What do I need to learn?”, What do you need me to tell?”.  As you listen for the answers, uncomfortable feelings may arise but allow them to move through you until they release from your body.


5) Diffuse your favorite spiritual tools such as essential oils, sage, incense, and cystals to clear and increase your energy.


6) Repeat this affirmation: I release, let go, and surrender all that does not serve me.


Was there one technique that really worked for you? Tell me which one in the comments below. :-)

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