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Releasing Fears with Awareness & Acceptance

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I recently participated in an awareness training with my mentor and friend, Molly Knight Forde.  What an eye and mind opening experience!!


I’ve seen first hand how we overly judge, analyze, and try to explain our actions, reactions, and emotions instead of simply observing and accepting our present state of being. I’ve also come to realize how much our judgements, attachments, and over analysis tie into our fears.


For example, our emotional attachments to people, ideal experiences, and material things lead to the fear of loss, “I need that person” or “how will I cope without it”?


Similarly, over analysis often leads to fears known as false evidence appearing real.


You know the ones. . .you call someone, don’t receive a “timely” response, and immediately jump to the conclusion that something bad happened when actually there was a reasonable explanation.  Maybe the person was in a meeting or had a dead cell phone battery.


Or if you’re like me, you’re out of the country with no cell service. :-)


Whatever the root of the fear is, in order to truly process and release it, we first need an awareness of what the fear feels like in our body, when it arises, and what triggers it.


The way to expand this awareness is to witness the emotions, feelings, sensations, and reactions that you experience in a present moment without judgement or self analysis. Simply be present and observe.


By doing so, you begin to experience a sense of acceptance, confidence, and peace knowing that all is well and exactly as it should be in that moment.  Only than can you truly begin to sit with emotion, feel it, and let it move through and out of you.


Your challenge (should you choose to accept it) is to become aware of your fearful sensations over the next 1-2 weeks. Whatever is coming up for you, be it frustration, sadness, anger, don’t judge it!  Simply observe and accept yourself in that present moment.


I want to hear from you! Please share with me what comes up for you during this challenge in the box below!


PS  Bergamot is the essential oil of Self-Acceptance. It assists in cleansing stuck limiting beliefs such as “I’m not good enough” and invites in feelings of optimism and hope.  Try using Bergamot to assist you during the self-acceptance challenge. For more essential oil information, Click Here.

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