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Tools to Help Heal the Heart


Yes, spring is in the air with the scent of floral blooms, April showers, and a fresh newness that comes this time of year. After the slower pace and darkness of winter, I’m so ready for this time of renewal!1232d75f-8d27-40fb-b77b-5e5e0f9c7eb6


Are you? Did you spring clean? Did you clear the clutter from your house, participate in a nutritional detox to purge the toxins and few extra pounds that accumulated over the winter, or organize your calendars and email lists?


It’s a great feeling to get release the old and create space for the new!


And what about your heart space? Have you considered clearing out the old, lower vibration emotions such as fear, anger, resentment, self-hatred so that more love, light, forgiveness, self-acceptance and compassion can enter in?


It’s easy to overlook the importance of cleaning up our emotions and energy yet it’s vital to both our happiness and well being both individually and collectively in the world.


During the past month, I’ve noticed the heart’s consistent plea for attention during personal healings and during sessions with clients. And before I sat to write you this note, I tapped into the collective energy of the earth.


Guess what message came up? You got it! The heart needs healing!


So what steps can you take to begin healing the heart? Here are some great tools!


1) Faith and Trust in You42177d9c-caae-4dbc-a605-dd60a88cecca

You are a divine being and uniquely you. Sit quietly and ask your heart what it needs to heal. Listen for the answer and trust in the power of your own inner guidance and knowing.


2) Crystals that Soothe the Heart

Rose Quartz, Emerald, Chrysocolla


3) Essential Oils

There are many depending on the specific emotion that needs to be released.  A few to start with are Geranium, Bergamot, Rose, Ylang Ylang, the doTERRA Forgiveness Blend.  You can visit my essential oil page for more information on these gifts from nature can support your health, wellness and dreams.


4) the Color Green

Green is the color of the heart chakra which is located in the center of your chest. Wear green, use green crystals or essential oils, meditate on the color green by picturing it in your heart, or roll around in the green grass. :-)


5) Daily Affirmations that open the heart chakra

“I am giving and receiving love effortlessly and unconditionally”

“I loving allow joy to flow through my body, mind, and experiences”

“I love myself. I AM Love.”


Which of these tools resonates with you? I challenge you to pick one or two or all and for the next 21 days add them into your daily routine. Take notice of of any shifts in your heart space, attitude towards yourself, or relationship with others.


Please send me a note below with questions, successes, and which tools are working from you. I’m here to support you!


Until next time. . .love and light,


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Kara Pomicter