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Travel in the USVI Like a Local

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I loved life in the Caribbean. It was filled with tropical warn wetaher, white sandy beaches, realzing days with friends, sunshine, meeting jpeople from all of the counry and world.


It was at ime where I learned to study myself, go innerward, look at what I wanted in life, what my purponse in life was.  It was also a time to step outside my comfort zone in many ways.  I had the time to do spiritual and personal work on myself, heal from a broken relationship, live a simpler slower life and travel throughout the Caribbean and explore different islands.


There are many lessons I learned during my 3 1/2 years living there and each of those lessons allowed me to grow, expand, and dream even bigger. Here’s what I learned:


1) Always start a conversation with good morning, good afternoon, good night. Not only is it a polite and friendly gesture but it’s nice to show that you are acknowleding the culture.


2) To snorkel without fear (or at least pure panic). When I first snorkeled, I could not get through a swim without at least a few minutes of panic. Oh, I’m going to hit the coral; ahh, there’s a baracuda with sharp teeth, ooh sea urchins with long pointy spikes! But as I practiced, learned how to breath, and worked through fears in general snorkeling became more enjoyable. Eventually, I became the person who would hold other peoples hands while they overcame aniexty in the water.


3) Drive on the left hand side of the road in a car made for the right.  This is great for traveling because I can drive on either side of the road.


4) How to Sail. One of my first dreams was to sail in the British Virgin Islands. After meeting a captain and boat on St. Croix who was sailing down the Caribbean chain and back to Indonesia, that dream came true. Not only did I sail in the BVI’s but in many parts of the Caribbean and through the Panama Canal. I can steer the boat, host sails, speak the lingo, and even survive rough sea weather.  One of the biggest experiences that taught me to go with the flow and step outside my comfort zone.


5) The numerous health benefits of coconut oil and cocount water. Coconut water is nature’s gatorade. It is super hydrating and full of minerals and antioxidants. Coconut oil is


6) Never be normal because normal is boring. (You can read more about this on another post.)


7) The joy and delicious taste of catching your own fish in the deep blue ocean or picking a fresh mango from the tree.


8) Every island has a slightly different language, dialect, and words. It’s fun to learn a bit of the local language and culture.


9) There are still seasons. Coming from the northeast US coast, seasons were very distinct in regards to tempature, actitives and colors.  The same is true for parts of the Caribbean even though the temperatures are fairly consistent.  The Christmas winds bring in cooler blustery air in December and January while there are periods of dryness, and then the rainy sesaon from June – November.




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