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Witnessing Life’s Full Circles

I dreaded giving speeches in school! 


I remember in 5th grade sitting in the back of the room, sinking so low in the chair, and praying that the teacher would forget to call on me. I just knew it was the end of the world if I had to get up in front of the class and speak!


Well, guess what? Life has a way of coming full circle and bringing us back to the very things we said we wouldn’t do or we feared the most.


Next week, I’m returning to the island of St. Croix, the place where my dreams of living in the Caribbean and sailing came true, to visit friends, enjoy the sunshine, and give workshops on how to release fears and realize your dreams.


Yes, you heard me correctly! I’m willingly speaking in front of groups! And the most ironic part – no one asked me. This was all my creative decision!


For every new dream we envision, there are new ideas, new creative thoughts, and new fears that show up. As I take on my new dream of putting myself and my stories out into the world to inspire others,  there’s the thoughts of “what if no one shows up to my workshops” and the uneasiness I feel about public speaking.


Can you see circles in your life? Are there opportunities that continually come up but you haven’t accepted?  Maybe it’s time to dig deeper into why you are resisting those opportunities.


I know you can because I believe in you and your limitless abilities!
You only need to believe in yourself!


Please share any full circle moments that you’ve experienced in the comments below. I love hearing from you!

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Kara Pomicter