Ready To Release Fears and Realize Dreams?

Fear is the absence of love.  It creates limiting beliefs and emotions such as worry, doubt, anger, and judgement. It keeps us in darkness and lives we don’t resonate with or feel good about.  It leads to stress, decreased sleep, and dis-ease. It disconnects us from other people, as well as divine love and guidance.

You may have fears of money, travel, safety, not enough time, I’m not good enough, love, death, health and even success.  But whatever your fears, most of the time do not serve you.

Yes, occasionally fear is real and necessary to keep us safe.  The flight or fight response raises our adreneline in dangerous situations encouraging us to quickly take action.  However, in today’s society, we’re in this heightened state of alertness even when there’s no immediate phyiscal danger because our doubts, worries, and old beliefs keep us in a constant state of fear.

By letting go of the fears that no longer serve you in the present moment or where you want to be in the future, you can return to a state of love, gratitude, joy, peace, abundance, acceptance, confidence, and faith.

You can work through these fears, old patterns, limiting beliefs and release them. It takes time, daily practice, and a continued committment because as you release old fears, new ones do arise. But once you have fear releasing tools and awareness, it’s easier to acknowledge and release them.

What do you think? What do you feel? Are you ready to release your fears and empower the dreams, wishes, and desires that reside in your heart to become your reality?

I’m ready!! I know that letting going and moving beyond fear is possible for you!!

I’m proof that life transformations are possible and which is why I’m passionate about using my knowledge, experience, and services to support your fear releasing process and empower your health by providing
*education on holistic tools such as essential oils, crystals, and meditations
*Reiki energy sessions to promote balance, healing, and relaxation
*Reiki classes to attune and teach people how to use Reiki in their life
*intuitive transformational guidance and mentoring

*guided visualization meditations to gain clarity around fears and dreams

Why stay stuck in fear another day, month, year when you can take steps right now towards a path towards love, joy, abundance and your dreams?

Check out the different ways we can work together and see what inspires you!

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